New EBook “A Guide to Sailboats and Their Systems”

I’ve just published my first EBook. “A Guide to Sailboats and Their Systems”

ebook guide to sailboatsEach year in my profession as a marine surveyor I get involved in a number of pleasure craft pre-purchase situations. Many of these involve first time boat buyers who, while they may have considerable sailing experience either with friends or chartering will often find themselves with little or no practical knowledge about the mechanical aspects of the boats that they wind up purchasing or how the onboard systems operate. As such I am often called upon to explain and demonstrate how these on board systems and devises operate.

That’s what this book is intended to do, provide both new and seasoned boat owners with some insight as to how various on board systems function and hopefully address some of the common questions that do arise. Whether it’s a safety related issue as to “Why is there a polarity indicator on my shore power panel?” or “What does the pressure gauge on my propane supply regulator do?” I’ve tried to answer them all and hopefully provide boat owners with some valuable insight as to how their on board systems function.

I’ve also included discussions on sail design and construction, an explanation of the different types of sailboat rig configurations and some good information on the basics of fiberglass hull and deck construction. There’s also a chapter on auxiliary power and the necessary systems that allow our on-board engines to function.

The intention here is to present a detailed overview to both rookie and seasoned sailors on how sailboats and their systems function.

So whether you are a new or seasoned sailor or are you just moving up to a larger more complex boat I hope that as a reader you find some interesting information here.

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